Urlea, the Rise from the Ashes

On the main trail which leads to the former Urlea Hut (1533 m), Coltii Brezei trail starting in the village of Breaza, on the Northern slopes of  Fagaras Mountains, red point blaze, 3 – 4 hours, after you gain some altitude, your efforts are going to be rewarded with spectacular views over Piscul Somnului (Sleep Peak) ridge, just in front of you or amazing vistas towards Mogos Valley with its glacial cirques and Trasnita – Cataveiu ridge, on the right.

Sleep Peak ridge with the Sleep Peak (2348 m) on the right, December 2019

Piscul Somnului ridge is formed by the sleeping giant on the right, Somnului (Sleep) Peak (2384 m) and the unnamed peak on the left. Piscul Somnului ridge is part of the main trail to Urlea Peak, blue triangle blaze, path which soon intersects the main ridge trail of Fagaras Mountains, red stripe blaze.

Unexpected encounters, May 2018

Unperceivable from the Coltii Brezei trail, just behind Somnului Peak, rises up Urlea Peak (2473 m), one of the highest peaks in the Eastern Fagaras Mountains. The peak can be easily spotted in all its beauty from the town of Fagaras or from the outskirts of the town.

Mogos Valley and its glacial cirques, December 2019

Built by the Fagaras division of S.K.V., Siebenbürgischer Karpathenverein, between 1926 – 1927, the former Urlea Hut, the oldest hut in Fagaras Mountains, has fallen into serious disrepair starting with 2005 due to the owners’ successive lack of interest in its management and eventually got fire in September 2019.

Former Urlea Hut, May 2018

At present, “Povestile Carpatilor” Association (“Carpathian Stories” N.G.O.), the new owner of the former Urlea Hut has assumed the difficult task and has taken the responsibility of rebuilding right from its ashes a new hut.

Fruntea Musuletii, May 2018

But it is in everybody’s will and hands to make this piece of heaven reborn once again. Get involved as volunteers, sponsor or support with donations the construction of the new Urlea hut, in the hope that the present will soon meet a past full of significance.

Trasnita Peak (2077 m), December 2019

Great things take shape when small things are brought together and a first important step is to support this important project not only for the local community but also for those who want to hike in the wild Fagaras Mountains. Urlea needs you!

RON: RO30 INGB 0000 9999 0760 2164 (ING Bank)

EURO: RO02 INGB 0000 9999 0820 9694 (ING Bank)



Former Urlea Hut, May 2018

Occasionally, “Carpathian Stories” organises free winter and summer trips to the former Urlea Hut or to its surroundings. Stay tuned and get more details or news related to the project on the N.G.O. Facebook page.  


Winter trip organised by Carpathian Stories, December 2019
On the red point trail to the former Urlea Hut, May 2018

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