A life mission

Coming from Flanders, Luxemburg, Moselle and Rhein valleys starting with the mid 12th century, the Saxons were invited by King Géza II of Hungary to colonise the Transylvanian Plateau. Their main objective was to defend the southestern border of the Kingdom of Hungary which, at the time, was constantly attacked by the Cumans, Turkic people from the northern Caucasus.

Patio of the Cincsor Fortified Church

Even if the fortified church is surrounded by thick walls, each spring, a lot of light brings to life flowers, plants and trees creating a serene atmosphere in which one can rest his thoughts for a couple of minutes.

Once arrived on this blessed Romanian territory the German settlers started a new life building fortified churches and villages. The fortified churches usually dominate the village and are living examples of building styles fom the 13th to the 16th century.

The church, the ancient walls and the South-East defense tower.

Pay a visit to the restored Fortified Church in Cincsor [Kleinschenk], have an intimate dinner in the former Evanghelical School, spend a night or two in one of the cosy guesthouses and you’ll step into the simple yet full of significance universe of the Transylvanian Saxons [Siebenburgen Sachsen].

Together with Carmen and Michael, the friendly German and English-speaking guesthouse owners, you’ll have the chance to discover and to better understand the history of the Saxon community in Transylvania.

Guided tours of the fortified church are organised all over the year.

For more details concerning the project behind the restoration of the fortified church in Cincsor, for the updated events programme and for reservations, access the official webpage – http://transilvania-cincsor.ro/en/home/

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