The Keen Fisherman

52. The Fisherman

After a long hot summer day, the blazing star was finally going down and both local people and restless wanderers in Sulina had already begun their casual stroll along the Danube.

It was on the walkway that this boy immediately caught my attention. He seemed to have been waiting for someone or for something for quite a long time.

As he was standing by himself, the fishing line and the landing net in his hands, watching the people walking up and down the street, a couple of stray dogs got closer to him just to check if something went wrong with the boy.

Although he was a little bit sad, I could see hope and a lot of courage in his eyes. He didn’t catch a thing that day but for sure the keen fisherman gained experience and learned what patience means to him.

Confident that things would finally sort themselves out I left the boy in good hands with  his new friends by his side and I quickly ran to catch the shuttle back to Crisan.

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