Facing the wild

Spring has finally arrived in the mountains and nature has once again taken its course. After a long winter, in an effort to regain their powers, wild animals have started to make visible their presence on the trails.

It was no wonder that during our latest hike in Fagaras Mountains we were lucky enough to come across two deers in tw48. Urlea deero different places and even a brown bear. If we

couldn’t snap the fearful bear on the forest road close to the place where we left our cars, we didn’t miss the chance with one fearless deer.

Barely had we arrived to the ruins of the former Urlea hut when the curious deer came out of the woods to catch sight of what was happening or maybe just to graze some fresh grass on the beautiful meadow in front of the hut. Deers are fearful animals but to my surprise this one allowed me to get closer and for a couple of minutes I watched her slow and delicate movements while grazing next to a beautiful spruce tree.

Now, I have seen deers along my hikes but it was for the first time when I had the chance to see the bear in less than 30 meters away from us. For sure, the bear got scared of our presence on the trail and the very next moment it ran away.

Taking into account the fact that in Romania, deforestation is one of the problems the wild species have been confronting with for the last 30 years, I was glad to notice that the Carpathian ecosystem is still in good health in this region.

Once arrived to the cars, even if we were a little bit tired, we were happy to have seen wild animals in their natural habitat and to have filled our lives with wonder and excitement.






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