Share your feelings!

Do you remember the “good old days” when you met your friends and had a good time together without being distracted by your mobile? Don’t you miss them?!
Salzburg, Bristol Hotel
Hotel Bristol, Salzburg
Unfortunately, nowadays we can no longer live without mobile technology or internet access and that is why, over the last few years, we have developed social media or instant messaging addictions.
In just a decade, mobile technology started to negatively impact not only the quality of human interaction but also the quality of our lives, from the way we raise and educate our children to the way we built relationships or maintain our friendships.
That’s strange that in the age of communication we are no longer connected even if we are physically side by side, at the same table while having dinner or sitting on the same bench in the park.
Don’t you think that instead of checking the news or waiting for a like on Facebook, it would be much better to hug or to kiss your beloved ones, even to speak with them?
One thing’s for sure if you get close and hug your friend: you’d have by far more chances to release the oxytocin or the cuddle hormone. We need it! And by the way, it still waits to be awakened!
So, you’d better put the phone down and share your feelings!


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